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24 December, 11:42

Applying Triangle Classification Theorems

To get from his house to the lecture hall at school, Lin

walked west 651 feet. After class, he walked northeast

910 feet to the gym. Finally, he walked 615 feet back to

his house from the gym.

What general direction did Lin walk from the gym to his

house, and what type of triangle did his walking path



Lin walked south, creating a right triangle.

Lin walked southwest, creating an obtuse triangle.

Lin walked southeast, creating an acute triangle.

Lin walked directly east, creating a right triangle.

910 ft

615 ft

lecture hall

651 ft Lin's house

Answers (2)
  1. 24 December, 11:54
    B is the answer on edge
  2. 24 December, 12:03
    the correct answer is B

    Step-by-step explanation:

    i got it correct choosing B on the assignment; D
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