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13 October, 17:41

Instead of one committee, we decide to form two six-person committees. Each employee can be on at most one committee. How many ways can we form these committees, if employee happiness is not taken into consideration?

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  1. 13 October, 17:58
    116,396,280 ways

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Two six-person committees are to be formed from 20 people.

    The first 6 person committee can be formed in

    ²⁰C₆ ways = 38760 ways.

    After forming this committee, there are 14 people left.

    The second 6 person committee can be formed in

    ¹⁴C₆ ways = 3003 ways

    The two committees can be formed in

    38760 * 3003 ways = 116,396,280 ways
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