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17 April, 02:47

Identify the following probability as theoretical or empirical.

After tossing the same coin 10 times, you are surprised to find that tails has come up 8 times. You therefore conclude that this coin is not fair and that the probability of getting tails with this coin is 0.80.

A. Empirical

B. Theoretical

Answers (2)
  1. 17 April, 03:06
    Empirical data are gathered from experiments. This does not hold true for all species at all times. But the only way to know a certain datum for a certain specie at a certain situation, you do an experiment. However, theoretical data is more on the theory or concept of the situation. It formulates a general equation that could as much as possible hold true to all.

    Therefore, this data is empirical.

    The answer is A.
  2. 17 April, 04:41
    The answer is A. Empirical
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