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19 February, 05:57

Hans's Coffee Shop makes a blend that is a mixture of two types of coffee. Type A coffee costs Hans


per pound, and type B coffee costs


per pound. This month, Hans made


pounds of the blend, for a total cost of


. How many pounds of type A coffee did he use?

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  1. 19 February, 06:44
    He used 53 pounds. I got this by using two equations.



    5.8a+4.1b = 569.8

    I took the first equation and subtracted 'b' so the equation looked like a=117-b.

    I then plugged in 117-b into the second equation, so it ended up looking like this:

    5.8 (117-b) = 569.8

    5.8 times 117 is 678.6. And 5.8 times negative b is negative 5.8b.

    The equation now looks like this:


    Add like terms


    Then subtract 678.6 from both sides

    -1.7b = - 108.8

    divide each side by - 1.7

    you get b = 64.

    But because you are looking for how many pounds for a, subtract 64 from 117. You get 53. 53 is the answer.
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