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18 July, 12:29

Over the past year, Becky has enjoyed 7 of the 9 movies recommended by her local newspaper. She wants to design a spinner she can use to simulate this situation and predict the probability that she will enjoy each of the next 5 movies the paper recommends.

How should Becky divide her spinner to best simulate this situation?

2 equal-sized sections

5 equal-sized sections

7 equal-sized sections

9 equal-sized sections

Answers (2)
  1. 18 July, 12:59
    She needs to divide it into 9 equal-sized sections. Seven of the nine sections will indicate the movies she enjoyed, while 2 will indicate those she did not enjoy. She would then spin it 5 times, and for any given spin, if it lands on one of the 7 sections she enjoyed, she adds one to her count. The total count after 5 spins is a simulation of the number of movies she will enjoy.
  2. 18 July, 13:06
    9 equal sized sections just had the test
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