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29 January, 12:54

The figure below shows a flashlight beam shining on the heads of three people such that it hits exactly at the top of each head. The angle of elevation from the ground to the top of each of the three heads is 45∘45∘. Person A is 4 feet tall, Person B is 5.5 feet tall, and Person C is 6.5 feet tall. How far away from the flashlight is each person?

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  1. 29 January, 13:21
    For the first person:45,45,90 triangle, with the opp side = 4. The adjacent side (distance from the flashlight is also 4. (4, 4, 4√2)

    tan45 = 1

    Person B @5.5

    Person C @6.5

    As long as you have 45,45,90 triangle, the legs of the triangle are equal!
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