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10 March, 02:37

Find the amount at 6% simple interest of rs 1200 due in month

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  1. 10 March, 03:44
    rs 6

    Step-by-step explanation:

    The formula for simple interest is i = p*r*t, where p is the principal, r is the interest rate as a decimal fraction, and t is the time in years.

    Here, p = rs 1200, r = 0.06, and t = 1/12 year (1 month).

    So we have i = (rs 1200) (0.06) (1/12) = rs 6.
  2. 10 March, 03:49
    How to calculate simple interest?

    Principal: The money which we deposit in or the lower from the bank or the money learned called the principal.

    Rate of interest: The interest paid on $ 100 for one year is called the rate per cent per year or rate per cent per annum.

    Time: The period of time for which the money is lent or invested.

    Interest: Additional money paid by the borrowed to the lender for using the money is called interest.

    Simple Interest: If the interest is calculated uniformly on the original principal throughout the lone period, it is called simple interest.

    Amount: The total money paid back to the lender is called the amount.

    Calculate Simple Interest
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