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11 June, 04:50

The cylinder shown has a lateral surface area of about 80 square inches. Which answer is closest to the height of the cylinder? Use 3.14 to approximate pi.

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  1. 11 June, 05:08
    n this case, the surface area of a cylinder is 2 π r2 + 2 π r h. Good answer learn how to use these formulas to solve an example problem tsa of cuboid 2 (lb+bh+lh), lsa=2h (l+b) tsa of cube=6a^2[square], lsa of cube = l^3[cube], tsa of cylinder the formula for a cylinder is 2 (pi) 3.14 times radius (r) times height (h) plus [PDF].
  2. 11 June, 05:17
    The aweser is 3.2 inches.
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