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16 December, 05:25

What's 789,091 rounded to the hundred thousands

Answers (2)
  1. 16 December, 06:38
    800,000 because the ten thousands are greater than 5 so it makes the number infromt of it go up and change the rest to zero.
  2. 16 December, 07:12
    We need to round the number to the nearest hundred throusands.

    this means that we will check the number after the poaition of the hundred thousands, if it is 5 or more, then we will add one otherwise we will ignore it and add zeros.

    based on this, the number in the position next to the hundred thousands is 8 which mean that we will add one to the hundred thousands positions while all others will become zero.


    789,091 to the nearest hundred thousands is 800,000
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