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12 June, 00:08

What expression is equivalent to n^2+26n+88 for all values of n.

A. (n+8) (n+11)

B. (n+4) (n+22)

C. (n+4) (n+24)

D. (n+8) (n+18)

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  1. 12 June, 01:07
    When using the X method to solve, you can plug in the values given to you in the answers. 8 and 11 multiplied does equal 88 but when added they don't equal to 26 so A is wrong. 4 and 22 do equal 26 but when multiplied, they don't equal to 88 so B is also wrong. 22 and 4 added together equals 26 and multiplied it equals to 88. So C is your answer.
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