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29 March, 11:33

Suppose a set of test scores is approximately bell-shaped, with a mean of 66 and a range of 60.

(a) The minimum test score is approximately 36 Correct: Your answer is correct., and the maximum test score is approximately 96 Correct: Your answer is correct ...

(b) The standard deviation of the test scores is approximately

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  1. 29 March, 13:02
    The lower limit is 36

    Upper limit is 96

    Standard deviation is 30

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Considering the range of the test score which is 60. i. e the difference between the largest and the smallest number is 60. The mean is 66 which is a measure of central tendency. That is it is at the centre of the distribution. Dividing 60 by 2 gives 30.

    Adding 30 to the mean will indicate our upper limit i. e 30+66=96

    Also, subtracting 30 from 66 will give the lower limit i. e. 66-30=36

    The Distance between the range and the mean is the standard deviation

    Which in this case is + 30 or - 30
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