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8 November, 07:46

If A and B are two angles in standard position in Quadrant I, find cos (A + B) for the given function values.

sin A = 3/5 and cos B = 12/37

A. 153/185

B. 57/185



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  1. 8 November, 08:15
    You have to find the cos of angle A, so use the Pythagorean equation and trig laws to find the other side of the triangle created by angle A. 3^2 + x^2 = 5^2. x=4. This means cos (A) = 4/5). Make both cos (A) and cos (B) have equal denominators, and add. 148/185 + 60/185 = 208/185. This answer is correct, though it doesn't appear to be any of the answers you wrote, so either those answers are wrong or you wrote something incorrectly in the problem.
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