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22 December, 07:08

The polynomial - 16t2 + vt + h0 models the height, in feet, of a ball t seconds after it is thrown. In this polynomial, v represents the initial vertical velocity of the ball and h0 represents the initial height of the ball.

Min throws a baseball from a height of 6 feet with an initial vertical velocity of 30 feet per second. Which polynomial models the height of the ball, in feet?




-16t^2+30 + 6

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  1. 22 December, 07:31
    Well if the equation is - 16t^2 + vt + h0,

    and we know v = 30, because that's the velocity,

    and we also know h0 = 6 because that's the height,

    then the equation will read: - 16t^2 + 30t + 6
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