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31 March, 18:45

Wendy is going on a road trip. She calculated that she will be traveling 950,400 feet total. Wendy discussed her travel plans with a friend, and her friend said, "Wow, that is quite a long trip!" Wendy said it wasn't that far because it would only take her about three hours to drive.

Part A: How could Wendy convert the units of feet to another measurement that would be a more appropriate gauge of the distance she is traveling? Explain why this measurement is better to use than feet.

Part B: What is the distance Wendy is traveling with the new measurement?

Part C: If Wendy travels the same distance each hour, how far will Wendy travel each hour using the new measurement?

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  1. 31 March, 18:55
    A. you can convert it to miles by doing the problem 950,400/5280=180

    B. probably miles since that is the biggest us unit

    C. 60 miles per hou
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