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29 January, 04:03

Your class hopes to collect at least 325 cans of food for the annual food drive. There were 132 cans donated the first week and 146 more the second week.

a. Write an inequality that describes this situation. Let c represent the number of cans of food that must be collected by the end of the third week for your class to meet or surpass your goal.

b. How many cans are needed to meet or surpass your goal?

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  1. 29 January, 06:02
    A) We know that we need at least 325 cans of food.

    So the equation is, 132+146+C ≥ 325.

    B) Simply solve for C. Subtract 132 on both sides, and subtract 146 on both sides.

    132+146+C ≥ 325

    C ≥ 325 - 132 - 146

    C ≥ 47
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