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1 April, 13:02

A rectangular piece is cut from a circular sheet as shown on the diagram below. The length and width of the rectangle is 12 cm by 15 cm respectively. The circular part has a 20 cm radius. Find the remaining area of the sheet in cm2 cm 2 after the rectangle has been removed. Note : The figures are not drawn to scale

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  1. 1 April, 14:17
    The area of remaining sheet is 1077cm²

    Step-by-step explanation:

    First, you have to find the area of circle using the formula, A = πr², where r is the radius of circle:

    r = 20cm

    A = π * 20²

    = 400π cm²

    Second, you have to find the area of rectangle:

    A = 12 * 15

    = 180 cm²

    Lastly, you need to substact the area of rectangle feom the area of circle to find the remaining sheet that has not being cut:

    A = 400π - 180

    = 1077 cm² (3s. f)
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