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28 August, 08:48

The driving distance from Chicago to San Francisco is 2,142 miles. The Hathaway family left Chicago on Monday morning, December 6. They averaged 50 miles an hour and drove 6 hours each day. On what day and date did they reach San Francisco?

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  1. 28 August, 09:24
    They arrive on Monday, December 13th

    Step-by-step explanation:

    First, we know that this family must drive a total of 2,142 miles.

    They average 50 miles per hour and drive 6 hours each day, thus we can see that they drive (50) (6) = 300 miles per day.

    Now, to know how many days it will take them to drive the total of 2,142 miles we are going to divide the total amount of miles between the number of miles driven per day:

    2,142:300 = 7.14

    Thus, it takes them 7.14 days to drive 2,142 miles.

    If we round this (since the number is greater than 7 this would mean it takes them more than 7 days and they would stop at 7 for the day) to the next digit, we would have that it will take them 8 days to get to San Francisco.

    Thus, since they start on December 6th (day 1), December 7th would be day 2 and following this pattern we would have that the eighth day would be December 13th.

    Now, since the days repeat every 7 days and we now that December 6th was monday, we would have that the day they arrive to San Francisco (December 13th) is monday too.
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