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9 April, 00:30

Write 2x^3+10x^2+12x in factored form.

Answers (2)
  1. 9 April, 00:36
    This expression is 2x (x+2) (x+3) in factored form.
  2. 9 April, 01:38

    First, to simplify, find the greatest common factor of the three terms in the trinomial.

    This GCF would be 2x, because that is the GCF that can factor into each of the terms.

    2. Divide the terms in the trinomial by your GCF, so in our case we would divide each term by 2x.

    After you divide, you should get 2x (x²+5x+6)

    2x (x²+5x+6) is your solution.
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