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14 June, 15:45

What's the property if a = 0.5b and 0.5b = 10, then a = 10

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  1. 14 June, 16:03
    Transitive property of equality

    Step-by-step explanation:

    The Transitive property of equality says that:

    If a, b and c are three elements such that

    a=b and b=c

    then, a=c

    Here, we are given

    a = 0.5b and 0.5b = 10

    On comparing it with above property

    a=a, b=0.5b and c=10

    such that a=b and b=c

    then, a=c

    i. e. a=10
  2. 14 June, 16:06
    It is the transitive property of equality
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