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25 August, 05:18

A square plywood platform has a perimeter which is 8 times the length of a side, decreased by 12. Find the length of a side.

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  1. 25 August, 05:31
    Answer: The length of a side equals 3 units.

    Step-by-step explanation: The given figure is a square, and a square is a shape with all four sides having equal measurement. This means if the length is given as L, then the width would also measure as L.

    Also we are given a clue as to the measurement of the perimeter of the square. Normally, the perimeter of a square would be computed as

    Perimeter = 4L (that is, add up all four sides). But since we have been told that the perimeter is equal to eight times the length of a side {8 x L, or 8L} decreased by 12 {8L - 12} we can conveniently express the perimeter as

    Perimeter = 8L - 12.

    However, remember that the formula for a perimeter is Perimeter = 4L. Therefore what we have come up with is,

    8L - 12 = 4L

    (Remember that both sides of the equation represents the perimeter)

    By collecting like terms we now have

    8L - 4L = 12

    (Remember that when a negative value crosses from one side of the equation to the other, it becomes positive, and vice versa)

    8L - 4L = 12

    4L = 12

    Divide both sides of the equation by 4

    L = 3

    Therefore, one side of the square measures 3 units
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