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22 December, 12:50

Professor Kramer has decided to measure how happy his students are with his teaching this semester. He is teaching two classes this semester-Psychology and Law and Introduction to Neuroscience. He gives his students a survey.

Refer to Research Study 7.1 to answer the following six questions.

In the above scenario, 43 of 50 Introduction to Neuroscience students and 46 of 48 Psychology and Law students complete the survey. Based on this information, which of the following can Dr. Kramer say?


His sample is representative


His sample is larger than his population


His sample came from his population of interest


His sample is biased

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  1. 22 December, 13:28
    1 Is correct. The sample is representative


    The great majority of the students complete the survey. This means that the small part that didnt take it shouldnt influence the outcome of the survey very much, thus the survey should reflect accurate results (even assuming that the students that didnt complete the survey arent completly random). As a consecuence his sample is representative. Option 1 is correct.
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