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26 August, 07:34

The brand name of a certain chain of coffee shops has a 53% recognition rate in the town of coffleton. An executive from the company wants to verify the recognition rate as the company is interested in opening a coffee shop in town. he selects a random sample of 10 coffleton residents. find the probability that the number that recognize the brand name is not 4.

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  1. 26 August, 08:30
    This problem can be solve using the Binomial Distribution, it is a recurrence conveyance of the conceivable number of effective results in a given number of trials in each of which there is a similar likelihood of accomplishment.

    Let be X: coffleton residents recognize the brand name

    n = 10

    p = 0.53

    q = 0.47

    P (X = 4) =


    (4) * (0.53^4) * (0.47^6) = 0.00340
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