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14 December, 17:02

A girl is standing in front of a statue of George Washington. When she places a mirror between them, 12 meters from the statue and 3 meters from her feet, she can see the top of the statue in the reflection of the mirror. The girl's height is 1.2 meters. How tall is the statue

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  1. 14 December, 18:19
    h = 4.8 m

    the statue is 4.8 m tall

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Let h represent the height of the statue.


    girl height x = 1.2 m

    Distance of mirror from statue y = 12 m

    Distance of mirror from her feet z = 3 m

    They both form a system of two similar triangles;

    This can be solved using the similar triangles principle.


    Height of statue/height of girl = distance of statue/distance of girl from mirror

    h/x = y/z

    h = xy/z

    Substituting the given values;

    h = 1.2*12/3

    h = 4.8 m

    the statue is 4.8 m tall
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