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17 April, 14:55

Kirsten has 25 coins. In her collection she has dimes and quarters. If the total is $4.00. How many dimes and how many quarters does she have?

Part A:

Write a system of equations to express this situation. Let d = the number of dimes and Let q = the number of quarters.

Part B:

Solve the system of equations to determine the number of dimes and the number of quarters.

Answers (1)
  1. 17 April, 16:45
    Kristen has a total of 25 coins. The 25 coins is consist of dimes and quarters that has a total of $4.00

    How many dimes and quarters?

    d = number of dimes

    q = number of quarters


    0.25 (q) + 0.10 (d) = 4 (total)

    q + d = 25 (coins)


    quarters (q) = 10

    dimes (d) = 15
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