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25 August, 11:12

The number of miles represented on a map is directly proportional to the number of centimeters measured on a map. A certain Texas map uses the scale 2 cm = 150 miles.

According to this map, how many centimeters would represent 525 miles?

The distance of a truck travels varies directly with the number of hours driven. A truck travels 268 miles in 4 hours. If the truck continues to travel at this same rate, how long will it take the truck to go 938 miles?

The amount of gas consumed by a car varies directly with the miles driven. The car traveled 180 miles and used 6 gallons of gas. If the car traveled 1,260 miles, how many gallons of gas would be used?

Answers (2)
  1. 25 August, 12:31
    1) 7cm 2) 14 hours 3) 42 gallons
  2. 25 August, 12:39
    There should be 42 Gallons as he said^ Tell me if I'm right
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