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5 November, 03:20

Then add five pairs of your own explaining their connotative differences

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  1. 5 November, 05:15
    1. Crippled, Disabled

    Crippled is almost sound like a discriminating word and have a negative connotation where as disabled is more polished and reverent.

    2. Relaxed, Easy-going

    Both seem same but relaxed refers to free, pleasure and stress free but easy-going implies not serious and laziness.

    3. Knockout, Beautiful

    Knockout mainly used to imply someone is sex y where as beautiful is simple compliment for a person.

    4. Young, Immature

    Sometimes both are used in the same context but youth may be always a substitute for immature.

    5. Skinny, Thi n Both are almost similar but actually someone skinny is called thin.
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