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29 August, 09:26

Which type of study best describes the following research most likely to be done?

A teacher wants to know how fast all her students for a particular period can complete a multiplication quiz to check their mental math abilities. So, all of her students are tested on a computer and the time of each and every student is recorded.

Group of answer choices

Experimental Study

Observational Study

Simulation Study



Answers (2)
  1. 29 August, 09:34
    In this case the Teacher is carrying out an experimental estudy.

    Step-by-step explanation:

    In this case, the Teacher is carrying out an experimental study. Because three things make it an experiment. First, the teacher puts the test to all of her students. Without sampling or choosing a representational population. She controls the conditions the students undergo and she also hey are recorded. So her manipulation of the environment separates it from observation. Also, she practices the study in all of them so there is no simulation all data is real. Thus, an Experimental study is a correct answer. She runs tests o all of them without asking any question discarding census.
  2. 29 August, 09:46
    simulation study
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