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12 June, 03:00

Roma tomatoes can produce up to 150 tomatoes per plant. If Marium plants 5 plants and expects to lose 6% of her crop, how many tomatoes will Marium have?

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  1. 12 June, 04:51
    Marium will have 705 tomatoes remaining

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Step 1: Determine the rate of production per plant

    Roma tomatoes produces=150 tomatoes per plant

    Step 2: Determine total number of tomatoes to be produced

    The expected number of tomatoes to be produced before accounting for the losses can be expressed as;

    Total tomatoes=number of tomatoes per plant*number of plants


    Number of tomatoes per plant=150

    number of plants=5


    Total tomatoes = (150*5) = 750 plants

    Total tomatoes=750 plants

    Step 3: Expected loses

    The total number of tomatoes she expects to lose can be expressed as;

    Total number of tomatoes lost=expected loss*total tomatoes


    expected loss=6%

    total tomatoes=750


    Total number of tomatoes lost = (6/100) * 750=45 tomatoes

    Total number of tomatoes lost=45

    Step 4: Remaining tomatoes after loss

    The remaining number of tomatoes when we account for the quantity lost can be expressed as;

    Remaining number of tomatoes=Total number of tomatoes-total number of tomatoes lost


    total number of tomatoes=750

    total number of tomatoes lost=45


    Remaining number of tomatoes = (750-45) = 705 tomatoes

    Marium will have 705 tomatoes remaining
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