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21 July, 02:38

Daryl draws 6 equal size rectangles to make a new, larger rectangle. The area of one of the small rectangles is 12 square cm. and the length of the small rectangle is 4 cm. What is the perimeter/area?

This is for my little sister. This is 3rd grade math

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  1. 21 July, 03:59

    If one of the small rectangles area is 12 and its side length is 4 ...


    So the length and width of the small rectangle are length=4 width=3.

    For the NEW rectangle take ...


    That means the NEW rectangles Area is 72 sq. cm.

    To find it's Perimeter ...

    For 1 small triangle take 3+3+4+4=14 (P=l+l+w+w)

    Since there are 6 small rectangles take 14*6=84

    Thus, the perimeter of the NEW rectangle is 84 cm.

    All together the Area and Perimeter of the Rectangle is ...

    A = 72 sq cm


    P=84 cm
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