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12 June, 09:33

In math class yesterday, mr. Henderson accidentally made this incorrect statement. "Whenever you have two equilateral triangles, they're always similar and congruent. And of course every one of the angles measures 60 degrees." Which part of mr. Henderson's statement is false? Explain your reasoning

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  1. 12 June, 10:23
    The word equilateral meant that all sides have equal length. The word similar meant that the sides of two triangles are in proportion. Which means that the sides are not the same length, one triangle is bigger than the other but they have the same angle degree. Mr. Henderson shouldn't said "similar" because equilateral triangles are only congruent.
  2. 12 June, 11:15
    They are not similar, similar means that everything about them is the same, equilateral triangles are the same in angle degrees always which is 60° the same goes for the side lengths of the triangle, so some triangles have a side length of 5 while others have 6, as long as the have 3 60° angles they are considered equilateral
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