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29 January, 17:00

The perimeter of a parallelogram is 72 meter. the width of the parallelogram is 4 meters less than its length. find the length and the width of the parallelogram

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  1. 29 January, 18:43
    " Start by setting up the standard equation for perimeter of a parallelogram, P=2w+2h (these variables of course being width and height).

    Now, substitute in what you know ...

    The problem tells us that width is equal to height minus four. This means that, in order to keep only one variable in this problem, we will write width as h-4.

    The problem also tells us that 72 is the perimeter, so we substitute that for P.

    72=2 (h-4) + 2h

    Now solve from here.

    (Distribute first)


    (Combine like terms)



    (Isolate h)


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