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30 March, 12:49

You are going to look at a town close to the Arctic circle named Barrow, Alaska.

1. Choose a specific day of the year. It can be your birthday, your favorite holiday, or any day you want.

2. Identify and use resources to look up historical weather data for Barrow, AK (also known as Utqiaġvik, Alaska.) on the date you have chosen.

3. Record the highs and the lows for the date you chose for the years 2005-2009. Create a chart of the year and the high and lows that were recorded.

4. From the chart, compute the daily average high and low temperatures based off of the minimums and the maximums for the five-year span.

5. Identify the resources you used to obtain the data and explain how you calculated the averages. Be sure to include at least two module vocabulary words in your explanation.

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  1. 30 March, 13:14
    I think it is number/answer 5
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