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27 March, 10:57

Compare a line with a slope of 3 and a line with a slope of 1/3. explain how these two slopes are alike, how they are different, and which line is steeper. describe a real world situation in which each slope would be appropriate

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  1. 27 March, 12:10
    The two slopes are alike in the sense that they are both positive. And on a graph sheet both would move upwards from the left hand to the right hand side.

    They are different in the sense that one is steeper than the other.

    The slope of 3 is steeper.

    It would be much more difficult to skate up a road having a slope of 3 than that of 1/3.

    Great care needs to be taken in controlling your car when driving down a road of slope 3 than that of 1/3, because the car tends to move easily down the road.
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