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1 February, 14:44

To estimate the percentage of defects in a recent manufacturing batch, a quality control manager at General Foods General Foods selects every 14th soup cansoup can that comes off the assembly line starting with the sixth sixth until she obtains a sample of 130 soup canssoup cans. What type of sampling is used?

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  1. 1 February, 16:32
    Systematic sampling.

    Step-by-step explanation:

    The systematic sampling is the type of random sampling when the first unit is selected at random from k units and then every kth unit is selected. The k is known as sampling interval which is equal to the population size divided by sample size i. e. N/n.

    In the given scenario a quality control manager start with 6th and then every 14th soup canssoup is selected. The sampling units can be selected as 6, 20, 34, 48, 62, 76 ... and so on. Here the value of k is 14. Thus, the given sampling is the systematic sampling.
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