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27 January, 12:17

A gym is considering changing its operating hours at multiple locations in a city. The gym management wants to know what percent of its 4367 members would utilize the new hours of operation, so they plan to survey 500 members.

What is the best way to randomly choose these 500 members?

Let the gym management decide which members should be surveyed.

Enter all members' names into a computer software program that will randomly pick the 500 members.

Pick a letter from the alphabet and the first 500 members whose first or last name begins with that letter will be in the survey.

Choose the 500 members who have the highest attendance rates in the gym. 4

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  1. 27 January, 14:09
    You don't need the names since there is 4367, and that would only be about 1/9th of the whole amount of members, so b is out of the question. you need average people to make it, so d is out of the question, and picking a random letter out of the alphabet is as arbitrary as a, but you are adding the effect of Inconsistency so I would say Let the gym management decide which members should be surveyed is the right answer
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