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23 January, 03:22

Identify the incorrect statement A. Alpha and beta particles pose little or no hazard to human health. B. Cosmic rays are a form of natural background radiation. C. Street clothing protects the skin against alpha and beta particles. D. Washing contaminated skin can reduce radiation exposure. E. None of the above; they are all correct.

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  1. 23 January, 04:44
    The incorrect statement is A. Alpha and beta particles pose little or no hazard to human health.

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Alpha particle - the nucleus of a helium atom, made up of two neutrons and two protons with a charge of + 2. Certain radioactive nuclei emit alpha particles. Alpha particles generally carry more energy than gamma or beta particles, and deposit that energy very quickly while passing through tissue. Alpha particles can be stopped by a thin layer of light material, such as a sheet of paper, and cannot penetrate the outer, dead layer of skin. Therefore, they do not damage living tissue when outside the body. When alpha-emitting atoms are inhaled or swallowed, however, they are especially damaging because they transfer relatively large amounts of ionising energy to living cell.

    Beta particles - electrons ejected from the nucleus of a decaying atom. Although they can be stopped by a thin sheet of aluminium, beta particles can penetrate the dead skin layer, potentially causing burns. They can pose a serious direct or external radiation threat and can be lethal depending on the amount received. They also pose a serious internal radiation threat if beta-emitting atoms are ingested or inhaled.

    Therefore, alpha and beta particles do pose affect the health of human beings.
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