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29 August, 11:11

Various properties of a piece of fabric are recorded during an experiment. The fabric is purple. The length of the fabric is 17.5 inches. The width of the fabric is 10.0 inches. The fabric is rough to the touch. Which item (s) of information, if any, of the information recorded is/are quantitative data?

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  1. 29 August, 12:52

    This question invokes the understanding of qualitative and quantitative properties. Qualitative properties usually look to answer "what?" while quantitative properties answer "how much?" and usually involve numbers. Applying this to the question,

    We cannot measure how much color the fabric has, or how purple it is. However, we can answer what color it is. Therefore this is qualitative data.

    Next, we can measure how long the fabric is; therefore, it is a quantitative property. The same case applies for width of the fabric.

    Again, we can not measure how rough the fabric is. We only know that it is rough. Thus, this is also a qualitative property.
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