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15 October, 22:32

A car has the mass of 985kg and kinetic energy is 56,000 what is the speed in km/h (y'all need to stop ignoring)

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  1. 15 October, 23:34
    KE = 1/2 (mv^2).

    (56,000 x 2) = 112,000, = mv^2.

    (112,000/985 = v^2 of 113.7055838.

    Sqrt = 10.66m/sec.

    (10.66 x 3.6) = 38.376kph.

    You want answer in kph, but the 10.66 is metres/sec. Multiply by 3,600 secs/hr., divide by 1,000.

    Note the shortcut, just multiply 10.66 x 3.6 and that's kph.

    You can also divide kph by 3.6, and that's metres/sec.
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