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28 March, 12:16

A student starts a food fight by throwing a 0.5 kg burrito at some girl he likes. He throws it kind of hard so he accelerates it at 3 m/s^2 how much force did this take?

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  1. 28 March, 13:13
    m = mass of burrito thrown by the student = 0.5 kg

    a = acceleration of the burrito thrown by the student = 3 m/s²

    F = force applied by the student on the burrito = ?

    According to newton's second law, the net force on an object is the product of its mass and acceleration. it is given as

    F = ma

    inserting the values

    F = (0.5) (3)

    F = 1.5 N

    hence the net force on the burrito comes out to be 1.5 N
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