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23 August, 15:06

Angelina jumps off a stool. As she is falling, the Earth's gravitational force on her is larger in magnitude than the gravitational force she is exerting on the earth. 1. False 2. This may happen in many cases, but not in every case. 3. True 4. None of these 5. This may happen in a few cases, but it is very rare.

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  1. 23 August, 16:55
    The answer is True. The amount force exerted by any object is directly proportional to its mass. This means that our planet is exerting more gravitational force to Angelina, and Angelina is also exerting a gravitational force on our planet directly proportional to her mass. Angelina is actually falling towards the center of the earth, and also our planet is also moving towards Angelina, but it seems negligible with respect to Angelina. Our Sun is so massive that it held our planet in its orbit because of its gravitational force.
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