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24 January, 06:09

A group of Advanced Open Water Divers plans to make two dives. The first dive is on a reef in 22 metres/80 feet of water for 20 minutes. The group then remains on the surface for 1 hour. The second dive is on a wreck in 18 metres/60 feet of water, with a planned bottom time of 30 minutes. What will be the ending pressure group after the second dive? A. LB. KC. SD. R

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  1. 24 January, 06:48
    The ending pressure is R


    Recreational scuba diving (R) - this diving has prescribed limits, including a depth no greater than 130 fsw, using only compressed air, and never requiring a decompression stop.

    From the above situation, we could note that there was a prescribed limit 18m/60ft of water with a bottom time of 30 minutes.
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