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14 December, 13:32

An exoplanet has four times the mass and one-fourth the radius of the earth. find the acceleration due to gravity on its surface, in terms of g, the acceleration of gravity at earth's surface.

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  1. 14 December, 14:28
    The formula for acceleration due to gravity can be calculated using the formula:

    g = G m / r^2

    where g is gravity, G is gravitational constant, m is mass, r is radius

    So we can see that if we increase m by 4, so g also increase by 4. But if the radius is decreased to ¼, therefore the gravity will be divided by (1/4) ^2. So:

    4 / (1/4) ^2 = 64

    So the gravity on the surface will be:

    64 g

    (64 times that of Earth’s gravity)
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