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4 April, 07:45

As shown in the diagram below, a proton (p), mass 1 u, travelling in the + x direction with

speed vpi, collides elastically, not head-on, with a stationary deuteron (d) with mass 2 u. (Here u means

the atomic mass unit. 1 u = 1.66 x 10-27 kg, but you may not need this number if you can get it to cancel

out of your equations). After the collision, the proton is observed to be moving in the + y direction.

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  1. 4 April, 08:29
    As soon as I saw the opening words "As shown in the diagram below ... ",

    something told me that when I opened the question, there would be no

    diagram below. So I opened the question. I was not shocked, and my

    expectations were not shattered.

    Give us the diagram below, and we'll see what we can do.
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