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Simple diffusion and facilitated diffusion are related in that both

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    allow the downward movement of the concentration gradient by passive transport


    Passive transport is a process of substance transport, which is carried out spontaneously, without energy expenditure and in favor of the concentration gradient, that is, from a medium where the molecules are more concentrated towards a medium where their concentration is lower.

    Three types of passive transport are distinguished: osmosis, simple diffusion and facilitated diffusion

    Simple diffusion

    It is the passage, through the plasma membrane, of small molecules without charge soluble in the lipid bilayer, such as some gases (oxygen and carbon dioxide). For a molecule to diffuse through the membrane it is necessary that there is a difference in concentration between the external and the internal environment.

    Diffusion facilitated

    There are molecules such as amino acids, glucose and small ions that, due to their chemical and size characteristics, cannot diffuse through the lipid bilayer and require transport proteins for diffusion.

    The transport proteins are immersed in the plasma membrane and can be of two types: protein channels, formed by proteins that generate a channel in the membrane, and permeases, which are proteins that, when joined to the molecule to be transported, change their shape by carrying them into the cell.
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