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2 April, 20:08

A 40.-kilogram mass is moving across a horizontal surface at 5.0 meters per second. what is the magnitude of the net force required to bring the mass to a stop in 8.0 seconds?

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  1. 2 April, 21:40
    From newtons second law of motion the rate of change of linear momentum is proportional to the resultant force. Momentum is the product of mass and the speed of a body.

    In this case Momentum is 40 kg * 5 m/s = 200 kgm/s

    From the same law we deduce that impulse (Ft) is equal to the change in momentum. Therefore, Ft = change in momentum.

    Hence, to get the impulsive force we divide the change in momentum by time.

    F = 200kgm/s : 8 sec = 25 N

    hence the force is 25 N
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