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25 December, 10:19

Explain how levitt and dubner's argument effectively uses logical

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  1. 25 December, 11:35
    Levitt and Dubner's argument uses logic to present evidence to arrive at their final conclusions about morality and human cheating practices. The examples they used were of Sumo wrestler's in Japan and the bagel business of a self-employed man who provided bagel's and cream cheese to office worker's on the "honor system". Levitt and Dubner used factual evidence as well as some illustrations to present their claims. They concluded that although cheating exists when there is high incentive, most people are inherently honest when incentives are not a factor.
  2. 25 December, 11:35
    Levitt and Dubner's argument effectively uses logical, concrete evidence to arrive at conclusions about morality and cheating practices. the realities they present about sumo and the bagel business Their utilization of factual evidence in various illustrations shows morality and cheating practices are more common in high incentive situations where telling lies or an act of fooling people was rewarded awesomely. They use statistical evidence and different examples support the fact that Levitt and Dubner have arrived at a generalisation on moral grounds.
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