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21 December, 19:46

What is the speed of light in water?

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  1. 21 December, 20:16
    Speed of the light in water = 225,000 km/s


    At the speed with which light propagates through a homogeneous and transparent medium, it is a constant characteristic of that medium, and therefore, it changes from one medium to another.

    Due to its enormous magnitude, the measurement of the speed of light has required the invention of ingenious procedures that will overcome the inconvenience of short land distances in relation to such extraordinary speed.

    Astronomical methods and terrestrial methods have been giving ever closer results. At present, the value c = 299,792,458 km / s is accepted for the speed of light in a vacuum. In any transparent material medium the light propagates with a speed that is always lower than c. Thus, for example, in water it does so at around 75% of the speed of light in a vacuum: about 225,000 km / s.
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