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19 April, 08:33

How do physicists use measurements to understand the natural world? Use scientific language to describe your evidence.

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  1. 19 April, 09:47
    Measurements are used to describe quantitatively real-life situations


    Measurement refers to the act of assigning a number (with a unit) to a characteristic of an object or an event.

    For example: when we want to measure the size of an object, we can use a rule to measure its length, and we assign a number with a unit for that quantity (for example, 5 cm). In this case, we have done a measurement.

    Measurements are used by scientists in order to understand the natural worlds. In fact, without measurements it would be impossible to describe phenomena of the real world quantitatively: it would be only possible to describe them qualitatively, and therefore it would not be possible for instance to derive mathematical laws that describe those phenomena.
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