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23 December, 15:16

List three of the arguments of geologists that disproved of wegener's theory

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  1. 23 December, 15:51
    Wegener; s theory states that the Earth's continents were once joined together, but gradually moved apart over millions of years.

    1. the plates don't move the way Wegener says

    2. the plates don't fit together the way he says : two minerals are identical doesn't mean they were made in the same place and that, given the enormous number of geological formations in Europe and North America, it was not surprising that a few would match up.

    3. Wegner was younger then most scientists
  2. 23 December, 16:04
    One, in the attempt to replicate Pangaea, Wegener had manipulated the continents to "fit". Two, critics believed that Wegener had not critcally displayed a mechanism that would "move" the continents. Three, the amount of geologic time necessary to complete such an action of modern, global continental drift, was too short.
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