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19 July, 11:15

A common property of terrestrial planets is that : Select one: a. they all rotate in the same direction as they orbit

b. they all have the exact same densities

c. they all have satellites

d. they all have iron cores

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  1. 19 July, 12:16
    option d. they all have iron cores.


    This can be explained as care rocky planets and constitute of mainly rocks containing silicate and metals in abundance. They have iron cores.

    The manner in which all the Terrestrial planets rotate is not the same. Earth, Mercury, Mars rotate in anti clockwise direction whereas Venus rotates in clockwise direction slowly. All the Terrestrial planets have different densities according to their size and constituents. No, all the Terrestrial planets do not have satellites where Earth has only one moon, Mars has 2 moons with Venus and Mercury having no moons or satellites. All the Terrestrial planets have iron corers.
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